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Online Censorship: Are they banning the Bible now?

Are some parts of the Bible being banned from the Internet? A woman in England, Seyi Omooba, posted some Bible quotes about homosexuality on Facebook. She stated that the Bible position on the subject is “clearly evident.” Several people called for her to be fired from her job, and later she was fired.

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That was not censorship by Facebook. She lost her job because people read her quotations from the Bible, on Facebook. The issue is now in the courts, and I’m sure the managers at Facebook don’t want to be involved.

Other people have claimed that some parts of the Bible cannot be quoted on some Internet platforms. Paul Joseph Watson recently posted a video “Facebook bans Bible passages to YouTube.” His claims were investigated by Newsweek, and reporters questioned Facebook management. After an internal investigation, Facebook apologized and reversed the decision to ban the video.

The Newsweek article is “Facebook Unbans BibleHub Passages After Censoring Them ‘In Error’” That is clear. A video by someone who identified as a Christian, with quotations from the Bible, was censored. When the censors were questioned, they apologized, claimed they made an error, and removed the ban.

READ: Facebook Unbans BibleHub Passages After Censoring Them ‘In Error’

So, are they banning the Bible now?

When the managers at Facebook said they were sorry, they probably were. The large corporations with businesses on the Internet are for-profit, and they don’t want to drive away customers. Facebook made a sincere apology.

In the Newsweek article, there was a space for reader comments and one person wrote “The bible is the false mythology that the right uses to rationalize its oppressive capitalist system and paternal hierarchy. It should be banned from social media!!!”

So, someone out there wants to ban the Bible. The idea is circulating.

I believe the Bible is not banned because most people don’t read it. The world does not know how radical that book is. Christians might get a reaction if they spoke up.

In history, a man named Jesus did good things, and He told the truth. The message from Jesus was so offensive to the people in power, that they had him arrested, and beaten, and forced through an illegal trial, and then executed on a cross. That is the world we live in.

Something about Jesus did not fit with this world. If we fit, we should ask ourselves some questions. When I was a boy, a local church had a Vacation Bible School. This was popular, during the boring summer break, and hundreds of children came. Families in our area had different religions, or no religion, but that didn’t matter. We had fun for a few days.

I remember some generous prizes, I think for memorizing Bible verses. The church had a budget and they were generous with the chocolate candy. I was highly motivated, but I never did get my candy. Just when success was near, our city newspaper published an article about how that church was bribing children to attend, by giving them candy. The whole city was appalled, and I never got the prize that I worked for. All the chocolate disappeared suddenly.

I’m still bitter.

For us kids, the prizes were just part of the fun. For other people, the radical message from Jesus was being planted in young minds, and the church had to be censored. Those children who were working for their chocolate didn’t know that place in the Bible where Jesus said “In this world you will have trouble.” (John 16: 33)

People who follow God are on a different road from the rest of the world, and the difference is bigger than most of us know.

We were told: “Do not love the world, nor the things in the world; if anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” (1 John 2: 15) The other side does not need to be told ‘Don’t love those Jesus people.’ They already know that.

So, are they banning the Bible now? They don’t need to. If Christians filter out the message of Jesus until no-one is offended, there is no need for more censorship. If we speak out and live out the radical message of Jesus, we will get the same rejection that Jesus received. The fundamentals are the same.

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