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Regina postal workers censor The Epoch Times

According to a report on the Daily Bell, two postal workers in the city of Regina, Canada have refused to deliver The Epoch Times. They have taken it upon themselves the duty to censor what people are allowed to read in that city.

Canada Post is a government-owned Crown Corporation. The Epoch Times is a conservative newspaper which because of its Chinese roots has taken a hard line against the abuses of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Daily Bell reports:

In a recent chapter of our cancel culture, two Canadian post office workers refused to deliver copies of the Epoch Times Newspaper. Mr. Ramiro Sepulveda, one of the two, “protected” the Canadian public in this way from what he regarded as intellectual filth. In his view, “I saw this thing, I read it and thought it was trash…” He further averred that the Epoch Times Newspaper was “damaging” and “I saw the headlines and I thought, wow, that’s ridiculous…”

But the intellectual virus goes far deeper than this one censor.  These workers were not at all condemned by their union representatives. According to William Johnson, president of the Regina Canadian Union of Postal Workers local, Canada Post should be more careful about what material it transfers from sender to recipient.[…]

According to a spokesman for Canada Post it is “obligated to deliver any mail that is properly prepared and paid for, unless it is considered non-mailable matter.” But its slight slap on the wrist for the violator of this principle undermines this noble statement.

READ: Canada Post Office Employees Refuse to Deliver Copies of the Epoch Times Newspaper

The two Canada Post censors were suspended three days without pay.

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