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Report: US and France labelled ‘flawed democracies’

Each year, the Economist magazine releases its Democracy index that rates countries around the world on their freedoms based on 60 indicators. The Economist notes that the dystopian lockdowns being instituted because of COVID by several nations has dramatically impacted the freedoms of their citizens.

The Daily Mail explains:

Coronavirus lockdowns have stripped the world of democratic freedoms, with 2020 returning the worst scores in the 15-year history of an annual democracy index.

The United Kingdom slipped two places, while France and Portugal joined the US in the ‘flawed democracies’ categories compiled in the Economist’s Democracy Index.

Norway, Iceland and Sweden were unchanged at the top, the Central African Republic, the Congo and North Korea, stayed bottom.

But overall the democracies were dented throughout the world as draconian measures were introduced to control the pandemic. 

READ: Covid lockdowns have seen democratic freedoms decline across the globe: Norway is ranked No1 for freedom, UK 16th, while France and US are labelled ‘flawed democracies’

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