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PLO demands Britain return Big Ben?

It’s a strange story but according to Frontpage Mag, in a post from 2019, the Fatah is demanding that Britain return Big Ben stating that the Brits stole the tower from the Palestinians. Fatah is the organization behind both the Palestine Authority and the PLO.

The 316-foot tower that holds Big Ben was completed in 1859, while the 42-foot tower and clock the Brits allegedly stole in 1922, was finished in 1909.

Frontpage explains the details:

“The Jerusalem Clock is hidden in London today,” Fatah, the political movement behind the PLO and the Palestinian Authority, asserts in a post titled, “Jerusalem Stolen Clock”.

It goes on to claim that the British military ordered the clock tower dismantled. Then the “British moved the clock first to a new tower across from the municipality of Jerusalem, and transferred it to the British Museum in London, to become the famous British icon, ‘Big Ben’.”[…]

But the story of the “Palestinian clock” is also the story of the entire myth of “Palestine”.

When you believe that the Jerusalem of King David and King Solomon was originally yours, you can just as easily believe that London’s Big Ben was originally the property of “Palestine”.

READ: ‘Palestinians’ Want London to Give Back ‘Big Ben’

But it is not just that, Muslims also claim Jesus was a prophet of Islam and in 2019, the Palestinian Media Watch stated that Jesus was the first Islamic martyr. READ: Senior Palestinian claims Jesus was an Islamic martyr

But similar to the Big Ben claim, Christianity started in the first century and Islam did not make its appearance until 609 AD to 632 AD, after Muhammad was given the Koran by an angel.

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