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Gold standard COVID test downgraded to tin?

According to recent reports, the World Health Organization (WHO) has finally admitted that its “gold-standard” COVID test kicks out a significant number of false positives. In other words the number of people who test positive for COVID is exaggerated. When in doubt, WHO has advised medical workers to retest.

Of course, we have known about this problem for months.

WND explains:

The World Health Organization has officially acknowledged that the “gold standard” test used to diagnose COVID-19 has a high rate of false-positives that make it unreliable.

In an advisory to lab workers issued Jan. 13, the WHO recommends a second test to confirm any diagnosis for people who aren’t showing any symptoms of the disease.

“Where test results do not correspond with the clinical presentation, a new specimen should be taken,” the guidance says.

The WHO warns that most PCR tests “are indicated as an aid for diagnosis,” meaning health care providers should consider at least seven other factors to confirm any test.

READ: Now WHO admits ‘gold standard’ COVID test is unreliable

So, how bad are the numbers? I am sure this is an outlier, but when 13 members of the university of Arizona’s football tested positive for COVID, did they panic. No. They just retested them, and in the second round only two tested positive. Based on those odds I would have retested the two. READ: University says false positive inflated COVID numbers 600% among group of athletes

Of course, then there was the funny case involving Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who had come down with a cold and after four COVID tests had two positives and two negatives.

And then there was the bizarre case where half of Grammy Award singer Erykah Badu tested positive and the other half negative. She wasn’t feeling sick, but took two COVID tests one in each nostril. READ: Grammy Winner Erykah Badu Questions Coronavirus Test Results: ‘Left Nostril Positive. Right Nostril Negative’

So this leads to the much bigger question: How accurate are the COVID statistics that the governments and main stream media love to throw around? And, how many people have actually died of COVID? READ: CDC: 6% of coronavirus deaths were solely from COVID-19

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