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Wuhan doctors ordered to cover-up person-to-person transmission of COVID

According to a new documentary, Communist officials in China ordered doctors working at hospitals in Wuhan to not tell anyone that COVID spread person-to-person. The documentary interviewed several doctors with their faces covered and voices disguised, because revealing such information could cause a person to become very sick. READ: Chinese Doctor, Silenced After Warning of Outbreak, Dies From Coronavirus

The Daily Wire explains:

In a new documentary to be broadcast on Tuesday, Chinese medics claim that Chinese hospitals were told by the communist government to cover up their knowledge of people dying from the coronavirus and the fact that there was human-to-human transmission at least one month before China informed the World Health Organization of those facts.

The ITV documentary “Outbreak: The Virus That Shook The World,” which airs on Sky TV Tuesday, tells “the dramatic global story of the first year of Covid-19, tracing the devastation caused by the spread of the virus across four continents.”

The documentary features medical professionals in Wuhan stating that in early December 2019, they discovered that people had died from the virus, but Chinese authorities told hospitals “not to tell the truth.” The medics also claim that some local people wanted to cancel Lunar New Year festivities (which could have spread the virus), but the events were held in order to “present a harmonious and prosperous society.”

READ: Wuhan Medics: We Were Told To Cover Up Human Transmission And Death From COVID

And, of course, the World Health Organization (WHO) foolishly believed the Chinese Communist Party.  READWHO haunted by January tweet saying China found no human transmission of coronavirus

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