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Some COVID good news, for a change

There may be some good news on the COVID front as an Israeli doctor reports that the second jab from the Pfzer vaccine is so effective, he wonders if it will not only prevent people from getting sick, but may actually increase a person’s immunity so much it prevents them from spreading the virus.

The Daily Mail explains:

Pfizer‘s Covid vaccine could produce a strong enough immune response to stop people who get the jab from spreading the coronavirus, a doctor in Israel has claimed.

Researchers found in a small study that recipients of the jab developed up to 20 times more antibodies within a week of having the second dose of the jab.

Higher levels of antibodies likely lead to a stronger immune response which could clear the virus before someone has a chance to spread it, but this is still not proven.

Until now, scientists didn’t know whether vaccines would stop transmission and were banking only on it preventing severe illness and death. Pfizer itself has not published any data showing how the jab affects the spread of the disease.  

READ: Pfizer’s Covid vaccine COULD stop people spreading the virus as well as preventing serious illness, Israeli doctor claims after finding antibody levels surged after second dose

I know I am reading between the lines, but the Pfizer vaccine may result in politicians having no excuse to continue the lockdowns.

And more good news in Britain leaves some wondering if the battle against the virus is taking a turn for the better. READ: Has London beaten the second wave of Covid? Dramatic map shows how infections are falling in EVERY borough, hospital cases continue to drop and deaths began falling last week – as new UK cases fall 18.7% in a week to 37,535 AND More proof Britain IS turning the tide against Covid? Cambridge scientists say R-rate is now as low as 0.6 in many areas – after daily infections fall 7.5% in a week and PHE reveals cases are down in EVERY age group bar over 80s 

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