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Politically correct vaccines?

With vaccines rolling out around the world, a normal, rational person would think that the first people to be vaccinated should be those most vulnerable to the virus, including people over 70 and those with underlying health conditions.

However, that type of conclusion is making the huge presumption that the COVID-1984 lockdown were actually about saving people’s lives, instead of politics.

As Yascha Mounk explains in his article on Persuasion, when he asks who should get the COVID vaccines first:

The first is that we should avoid “leveling down” everyone’s quality of life for the purpose of achieving equality. It is unjust when some people have plenty of food while others are starving. But alleviating that inequality by making sure that an even greater number of people starve is clearly wrong. The second is that we should not use ascriptive characteristics like race or ethnicity to allocate medical resources. To save one patient rather than another based on the color of their skin rightly strikes most philosophers—and most Americans—as barbaric. The Centers for Disease Control have just thrown both of these principles overboard in the name of social justice.

In one of the most shocking moral misjudgments by a public body I have ever seen, the CDC invoked considerations of “social justice” to recommend providing vaccinations to essential workers before older Americans even though this would, according to its own models, lead to a much greater death toll. After a massive public outcry, the agency has adopted revised recommendations. But though these are a clear improvement, they still violate the two bedrock principles of allocative justice—and are likely to cause unnecessary suffering on a significant scale.

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Continuing the theme of a political pandemic, a young, healthy, extreme-left politician in America decided it was more important that she get vaccinated than someone who is actually vulnerable to COVID. READ: AOC Claims ‘National Security Policy’ Why She Got Vaccine Before More Vulnerable People

Meanwhile, An Israeli study concluded that vaccinating those over 70, who represent 10.5% of the population, would reduce the COVID death count by 75%.

IN ENGLAND: NHS vaccinates 11% of over-80s in first two weeks: A total of 366,715 people in the highest Covid risk group received first jab doses by December 20, data shows

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