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Woke cancel culture comes for vegan cupcake cookbook?

Two women, who own a vegan bakery in Burlington, ON, Canada, recently had their contract for a vegan cupcake cookbook cancelled by a major book publisher after Instagram’s woke cancel culture accused the two women of racism, homophobia and having the wrong political beliefs.

At first glance it looked typical of the woke culture that attacks anyone that doesn’t agree with their radical left views often with the intent of having them fired.

But as the Toronto Sun’s Brian Lilley explains, there may be more to this story:

Others claimed [on Instagram] the pair were racist, homophobic, had the wrong political beliefs and lots of nasty personal comments.

When they deactivated comments on the post they were accused of silencing black voices.

I haven’t seen all the nasty comments aimed at the cupcake makers but most of them that I have seen were written by white women — like Kelly and Erinn. […]

This doesn’t appear to have been driven by a concern about racism and how a bakery in Burlington reacted to the death of George Floyd, this was about something else.

For more on this disturbing story READ: LILLEY: When cancel culture comes for the cupcakes

In some ways it reminds me of how Muslims in Pakistan are using the country’s blasphemy laws to settle financial and property disputes against Christians and other religious minorities. READ: Pakistani Muslims Employ ‘Blasphemy’ Threat in Land Grab

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