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The Grinch trying to steal ‘Merry Christmas’

AG Michigan Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel recently when ballistic on Twitter criticizing people who say Merry Christmas. She added that her son was totally devastated when someone wished him a Merry Christmas. Reading the story, it looks like it was Nessel who was outraged, not the son. Nessel has since deleted the tweet.

The Daily Wire explains:

Responding to President Trump wishing attendees at a Georgia rally a “Merry Christmas” and reminding them he had stated years ago that Americans would again use the phrase proudly despite those who would “try to take that word out of the vocabulary,” Michigan Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel issued a tweet (later deleted) in which she claimed her son had been “devastated” when an employee at a store wished them a “Merry Christmas.”

Nessel tweeted that after her son asked her if they were the only Americans who didn’t celebrate Christmas, she told him, “No, and we are just as American as everyone else.” She then insinuated that President Trump was unaware of such diversity by adding, “Glad @JoeBiden knows that.”

READ: Michigan AG Slams People Wishing ‘Merry Christmas’ After Trump Warning

When I see this type of silliness, I get the impression that some people are permanently addicted to outrage. They really don’t need a legitimate reason.


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