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Canadian RCMP block a drive-in church service

Police blocking people from entering Church of God parking lot to listen to a drive-in service in their vehicles. Credit: Steinbach Church of God/Facebook capture

RCMP in the town of Steinbach, Manitoba blocked people from entering the church parking this past Sunday, where people would remain in their cars and listen to a service being broadcast by a shortwave FM. Apparently, Manitoba’s health officials are concerned that people listening to a service in their cars with the windows rolled up could transfer COVID to neighbouring vehicles. As they keep telling us, we must trust the science.

Meanwhile, in Manitoba people are allowed to use a Tim Horton’s drive through to buy a coffee and donut.

Christian Post writes:

After being fined $5,000 for holding an in-person worship service in violation of Manitoba province’s public health order, a Canadian church was prevented by police from holding a drive-in worship service on Sunday.

The Church of God Steinbach posted a video on its Facebook page showing “lots and lots of police” blocking churchgoers on a snowy day from entering the church’s parking lot for the 9:30 a.m. service. Unable to enter, dozens of cars lined up outside the parking lot and listened to the pastor preach from the outdoor stage through radio broadcast.

“God has given us the right to worship Him together and He wants to see His people united,” Senior Pastor Henry Hildebrandt said from the stage. “It seems like we’re living in a different Canada. It’s very heartbreaking to me.”

The church in rural Manitoba had received a $5,000 ticket last week for conducting a service despite COVID-19-related restrictions. But it said it will still hold a service on Sunday “in protest of these tyrannical edicts.”

READ: Police block Canadian churchgoers from drive-in worship service: ‘heartbreaking’

At least there is one pastor in Canada willing to stand up for religious freedom. In an interview with the Epoch Times, the church’s senior pastor, Henry Hildebrandt said:

“This principle is not just about in-person services—this is a wholesale attack on faith and the freedom of the church to do its God-called duty,” he told The Epoch Times, adding that fundamental freedoms are being eroded “at a historically alarming rate.”

Note you will need to create an account to view this article. READ: Manitoba Church Fined for Holding Service Says It Will Continue

Unbelievably this province has a conservative government. There needs to be a new conservative party in that province.

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