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Study: Do masks even work? Maybe a bit.

A major Danish study suggests that masks may not be an effective tool in stopping the spread of COVID. The study, that was eventually published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, was rejected by several major medical publishers, because it apparently didn’t fit the current narrative.

As well, the people in their study were wearing professional grade three layer surgical masks. The study suggested that masks may offer 15% to 20% additional protection, but also suggested they may offer no protection at all.

The Daily Mail writes:

A large Danish study suggests that face masks may only offer the wearer limited protection against COVID-19 infection.

Researchers found there was no statistically significant difference in the number of people who contacted the virus in a group wearing masks in public compared to a group that did not do so. […]

Results showed that, after one month, 1.8 percent of the people wearing masks had been infected with the virus.

By comparison, 2.1 percent of the people in the unmasked group had tested positive for COVID-19.

READ: Face masks do NOT protect the wearer from coronavirus, but will stop them from infecting other people, Danish study finds

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