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Study: Do masks even work? Maybe a bit.

A major Danish study suggests that masks may not be an effective tool in stopping the spread of COVID. The study, that was eventually published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, was rejected by several major medical publishers, because it apparently didn’t fit the current narrative.

Study: 85% of Covid cases wore masks?

A recent study conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) revealed that masks seem to be ineffective when it comes to stopping the spread of the Coronavirus. A survey of people who contracted COVID and showed symptoms for the disease discovered that 85% of them “always” or “often” wore a mask. Investigative journalist Jordan Schatchtel reports on the study: An underreported, recently-published CDC study adds to the pile of evidence that cloth masks or other forms of mandated face coverings only contribute negatives to our COVID-19 problem. The study also displays — despite the constant accusations of widespread misbehavior from public health officials — that Americans are adhering to mask wearing, but mask wearing is not doing us any good. The CDC study, which surveyed symptomatic COVID-19 patients, has found that 70.6% of respondents reported “always” wearing a mask, while an additional 14.4% say they “often” wear a mask. That means a whopping 85% of infected COVID-19 patients reported habitual mask wearing. Only 3.9% of those infected said they “never” wear a face covering. READ: CDC: …