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Good news: Second COVID vaccine is 94.5% effective

There is another ray a hope about the coronavirus. Moderna Inc. just announced it has a vaccine that tested nearly 95% effective for providing immunization against COVID-1984 and it could be ready by the end of the year.

Newsmax writes:

Moderna Inc. said Monday its experimental vaccine was 94.5% effective in preventing COVID-19 based on interim data from a late-stage clinical trial, becoming the second U.S. company in a week to report results that far exceed expectations.

Together with Pfizer Inc’s vaccine, also shown to be more than 90% effective, and pending more safety data and regulatory review, the United States could have two vaccines authorized for emergency use in December with as many as 60 million doses of vaccine available by the year’s end.

Next year, the U.S. government could have access to more than 1 billion doses just from the two vaccine makers, more than needed for the country’s 330 million residents.

Read NewsmaxModerna Says Its Vaccine Is 94.5% Effective in Preventing COVID-19 |

This means there could be two effective vaccines available by the end of the year. A few days ago, Pfizer announced a Coronavirus vaccine reporting to be 90% effective. READ: Pfizer Says Vaccine May Be 90% Effective, Plans To Apply For Emergency Use By End Of November

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