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Has Communist China declared war on world’s fishing fleets?

Having over fished their waters, Communist China’s fishing fleet has seemingly declared war on the rest of the fishing world and is attacking boats of other countries. The story below involves a Vietnamese boat fishing in its country’s territorial waters.

LA Times explained what happened:

The Chinese vessel smashed the boat repeatedly, damaging the cabin. Four fishermen tumbled overboard. As the officers pulled them from the water, Day, 41, and the other Vietnamese men piled into lifeboats and watched their craft — laden with several hundred pounds of tuna, mackerel, grouper and flying fish— begin to float away.

The June 10 attack was part of Beijing’s hard-nosed offensive in the South China Sea, where Chinese vessels are using increasingly aggressive tactics to deter rival nations and stake control over the strategic waterway.

Unfazed by rising global criticism, China’s navy, coast guard and paramilitary fleet have rammed fishing boats, harassed oil exploration vessels, held combat drills and shadowed U.S. naval patrols…

Beijing’s maritime expansionism illustrates not only the Chinese Communist Party’s growing military might but also its willingness to defy neighbors and international laws to fulfill President Xi Jinping’s sweeping visions of power.

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But it’s not just the South China Sea. Communist China has also invaded the waters off South America. They haven’t rammed any South American fishing boats yet, but maybe it is just a matter of Time.

The New York Post explains:

A fleet of 300 Chinese ships were caught on a month-long illegal fishing mission off the coast of the Galapagos Islands — threatening rare species in the marine wildlife oasis, according to an investigation.

The foreign fishing vessels pillaged the protected waters near the Galapagos Marine Reserve to catch squid, which are crucial to the survival of area species such as fur seals, hammerhead sharks and tuna, according to data analyzed by the marine conservation group Oceana.

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