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Greeks need to text for permission to leave home

Under Greece’s new lockdown rules, in response to a second COVID wave, people have to text the government to receive permission to leave their homes. The government also warned that people can expect unannounced inspections to make sure that people are at home.

Apparently, the Greek government is also getting annoyed by how many people are texting for permission to leave their houses for such things as food and medicine.

Breitbart explains:

Greece launched its second nationwide coronavirus lockdown on Saturday. One of the rules is that citizens must text the government for permission to leave their homes, and permission will be granted only for work, physical fitness, and medical needs.

A government spokesman said on Monday that too many people are texting for permission to leave their homes and warned that “abuse” will be met with “strict inspections” and fines.

READ: Coronavirus: Greeks Must Ask Government Permission via Text to Leave Home

Greece has a population of 10.5 million people and according to World 0 Meter has recorded 825 deaths due to the Coronavirus.

Still, they haven’t reached the level of Victoria, Australia, where its premier, Daniel Andrews, had helicopters with spotlights out at night searching for people breaking the 8 pm curfew.

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