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35,000 show up to pray and worship at National Mall

I previously reported how worship leader Sean Feucht had scheduled a two-day event at the National Mall in Washington, DC over the weekend (Oct 24 & 25, 2020).

This was part of his Let Us Worship tour that has seen Sean holding outdoor services across America over the past few months. They were expecting 15,000 people at the National Mall but instead over 35,000 came to worship and pray for America over the two-day event.

CBN reports:

The National Mall in Washington DC was overflowing with love for the Lord Sunday night during the “Let Us Worship” tour led by praise leader Sean Feucht.

More than 35,000 people gathered on the iconic grassy lawn to pray for a spiritual awakening and that hearts will turn toward Jesus Christ. The event opened with Feucht thanking all the attendees for coming out during the cold, rainy weather to lift up America during these challenging times.  

A sea of worshippers sang and danced while some held signs and flags that read “Jesus 2020” and “Jesus Matters.”

READ: ‘God’s Moving in America’: Over 35,000 Lift up Jesus in ‘Let Us Worship’ Rally on National Mall in DC

National Mall, Oct. 25, 2020 Credit: Twitter video capture

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