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The miracle of birth

There were a couple studies on pregnancy that I found interesting. The first involves morning sickness that affects about 75% of women in the first three months of pregnancy with over 50% of mothers becoming physically sick.

Why does this happen?

Well, according to one researcher from the University of California, morning sickness may be a way of removing toxins from the body that are not harmful to the mother, but may be harmful to the developing baby. Studies have even shown that women who experience morning sickness have less chance of experiencing a miscarriage.

Creation Moments explains:

A University of California biologist has concluded that morning sickness may actually be the body’s way of protecting the developing child. Margie Profet spent six years studying diets, birth defects and the level of natural toxins in our food. Most food has a natural, low concentration of poisons. For example, plants make poisons to protect their leaves from marauding insects. Normally these poisons are so weak that they are completely harmless to us. However, the newly developing infant is extremely susceptible to these low levels of toxins until about the eighth week of development. Naturally occurring chemicals in our environment can cause birth defects and even death to the vulnerable infant. When the body detects a level of toxins dangerous to the developing child, it may use morning sickness to rid the body of them.

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As much as women in their ninth month are tired of being pregnant and want to have the baby right away, it is ultimately the baby’s decision when he or she will be born.

Now, in the following quote, I completely disagree with using the word fetus, because I believe it is a term used to dehumanize a baby in order to justify abortion. If abortionists were killing an actual person that would be murder, so let’s call an unborn baby something else.

But studies reveal that the baby is the one unleashing hormones that starts the birthing process.

New Scientist writes:

More recently, however, a very different picture of the baby’s role in the
birth process has emerged. The fetus [baby], most researchers believe, is a virtual autocrat, dictating when the mother’s muscles should start contracting. Now, a team of fetal physiologists led by Caroline McMillen of the University of Adelaide in Australia has an idea about what drives this little despot to pull off so precocious a stunt.

Far from waiting serenely for the right moment to arrive, they argue that
during the last few weeks of pregnancy the fetus becomes increasingly stressed as it rapidly outstrips its mother’s ability to supply nutrients and oxygen. Eventually, it all gets too much. At that point, the baby’s brain unleashes a flood of hormones that wash across the placenta, triggering a cascade of events that ends with the baby’s expulsion. As McMillen sees it, birth is the fetus’s way of saying: “I’ve had enough, let me out.”

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But even Planned Parenthood gets caught with the obvious: READ: Did Planned Parenthood Just Admit Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s ‘Fetus’ Was a Baby?

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