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COVID count inflated 600%?

The University of Arizona recently tested its athletes for COVID and discovered that 13 had the coronavirus.

The Western Journal explained what happened next:

A rash of false-positive coronavirus tests has led the University of Arizona to issue an apology to student-athletes who it claimed had the virus but did not.

The university reported Thursday that 13 student-athletes had tested positive for COVID-19 — a single-day record for the school.

Three days later, however, Arizona athletics said in a statement that the actual number of positive tests was just two. That means the initial numbers inflated the total by more than 600 percent.

READ: University says false positive inflated COVID numbers 600% among group of athletes

No indication if they retested the two who tested positive.

Of course this is not the first time it happened. READUPDATE: Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Tests Negative for CoVID After Initially Testing Positive

But it begs the question, how come they are having people retested? If people thought these Covid tests were 100% accurate, they wouldn’t be asking for a second test.

This begs an obvious second question. If this is how accurate these tests are, how many people were actually infected with COVID in the US?

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