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How to become the center of the universe

There is a cute story on how the small town of Wallace, Idaho has been designated the Center of the Universe. Yes, it is the very center of the massive universe we live in, and they even have a manhole cover marking the exact spot.

Of course, when you hear such bizarre claims, you instinctively wonder if some government ‘environmental’ agency must have been involved, and you would be right.

The cantankerous little town has had run-ins with governments in the past. When the federal government wanted to run an interstate highway through the middle of the town, they had buildings declared Historic places, preventing their demolition.

The Western Journal explains what led up to its infamous Center of the Universe declaration:

The “center of the universe” claim was borne out of a similar tiff with the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Health and Human Services, which discovered “probable” lead pollution in the soil in 2002, according to Roadside America.

Wallace residents claimed the lead sulfide levels hadn’t had any negative effects on them, but according to Mental Floss, the government countered that since the people couldn’t prove the lead wasn’t dangerous, then it must be dangerous and needed to be removed.

So in response, the town mayor at the time used the same argument that if scientists couldn’t disprove that Wallace was the Center of the Universe, then it must be the Center of the Universe.

Manhole cover marking the Center of Universe in Wallace, Idaho
Credit: Jimmy Emerson, DVM/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0

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