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Are things about to get violent in Washington, DC?

A reporter is alleging that a leader of the Black Lives Matter organization in Washington, DC is calling for violent attacks on the police and even threatened to burn down the White House.

The Blaze writes:

An as-yet identified Black Lives Matter activist and leader has called for the death of police officers as well as for action to burn down the White House.

The incident took place in Washington, D.C., on Saturday night at a Black Lives Matter event as tensions continue to grow across America over police brutality.

Reporter Brendon Leslie shared a now-viral video of the incident on Twitter, captioning it, “A BLM leader is encouraging this crowd of protesters to fight the DC cops on the frontlines. Saying he’s ‘ready to put them in their graves’ — this may lead to another violent night in DC.”

READ: BLM leader calls for outright violence against police

Note there is an extreme language warning on the video:

Of course, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter also claimed to be a trained Marxist:

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