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Why are Oregon State Police pulling out of Portland?

The Oregon State Police just announced they would no longer be involved in protecting Portland’s Mark O’Hatfield federal courthouse, that has been the focus of riot attacks over the last several weeks.

The State Police agreed to step in to help local police for a two-week period, but with that agreement coming to an end, the State Police will not be extending their tenure.

So why are they pulling out?

The Daily Wire explains:

The Oregon State Police announced on Thursday that it was pulling out its roughly 100 state troopers from protecting the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse in downtown Portland after the city’s district attorney announced that he is not pursuing charges against the rioters who have been arrested. […]

“We’re in a county that’s not going to prosecute this criminal behavior,” said spokesman Capt. Timothy R. Fox.

Here is one example of recent rioting behaviour:

Check out the article for a larger list of the criminal acts committed during the peaceful riots. READ: Oregon State Police Pull Out Of Protecting Portland Courthouse After City Refuses To ‘Prosecute This Criminal Behavior,’ Department Says

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