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What’s next, ‘fake’ facemask charts?

With questionable data being released in Britain on how many people have died of COVID in that country, and US states having similar problems, I guess it was just a matter of time, before we saw a ‘fake’ facemask chart, promoting the effectiveness of facemasks in combating the Coronavirus.

At least that is what the Washington Examiner is alleging happened at a news conference in Kansas, when Lee Norman, the state’s Health and Environment Secretary, took to the stage in support of Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s facemask demands.

While Gov. Kelly is mandating that the people of Kansas wear facemasks, the vast majority of the counties, 90 of 105, are refusing to enforce the law, simply because they have so few cases of COVID.

So, Norman whipped out a chart showing that the counties that were enforcing the facemask law were doing better than those counties that weren’t.

Except there was one small problem with the chart. It was doctored.

The Blaze explains:

However, Norman’s claim only appeared true because he manipulated his chart to create the illusion that counties following the mask mandate are successfully warding off coronavirus.

From the Washington Examiner:

“Norman used an axis with a range of 15 to 25 to describe the number of new cases in masked counties and used a range of 4 to 14 to describe the number of new cases in counties without a mask mandate, making it appear as though counties without a mask mandate had more cases. When the two sets of data are placed on a chart with the same axis, counties without a mask mandate have fewer new cases per day than counties with a mask mandate.”

READ: Top state official caught using ‘doctored’ chart, data to push face mask mandate

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