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Defending a cross from Antifa in Eugene, Oregon

New Hope Christian College, Eugene, Oregon
Credit: Thourson/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

After radical left-wing extremists burned Bibles at a protest in Portland, Oregon, Antifa has apparently set its sites on a cross located on the grounds of a private college, New Hope Christian College (NHCC), in Eugene, Oregon.

Antifa alleges that the cross stands for racism because it once stood on Skinner Butte, used by the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s for its racist events.

However, the college says that the cross is not connected with the KKK and crosses were put on the hill long after the KKK activities in the area had stopped.

In a post on the NHCC’s Facebook page, the college said:

“From 1934-1964, wooden crosses were displayed on Skinner Butte, these crosses were not associated with the racist activities of the 1920s, but simply powerful symbols of hope set high above the City of Eugene.”

The cross that is now standing on the college’s grounds was built in 1964 and was moved off Skinner Butte in 1997 to NHCC, after a judge ruled that the cross could not remain on government property. The site had been designated a war memorial in 1970.

When news circulated on Facebook of Antifa’s threat, hundreds of people showed up at college to defend the cross.

CBN writes:

Ravan said hundreds of people gathered over the weekend, including non-believers who came to the cross just to thank everyone for their efforts.

“Cars were driving by, honking their horns and people were saying thank you,” he added. “Non-believers were there to support the school.”

“People were really responding, standing up, and doing something. This is really impacting the nation, it’s a line in the sand,” Ravan concluded.

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro with New Hope told CBN News that the presence of God was evident as they surrounded the cross and prayed for His protection.

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