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Marxists & anarchists hijacking Chicago protests

If you need any more proof that anarchists and Marxists are infiltrating peaceful demonstrations, the Chicago police have provided a video to show what is actually taking place.

As we have reported in previous posts, members of the extreme left are embedding themselves within largely peaceful protests in an effort to incite the ensuing riots.

In fact, many now suspect the violence, often perceived in the mainstream as spontaneous, is in fact pre-planned.

The Daily Wire explains what happened as a protest in Chicago’s Grant Park on July 17, 2020 suddenly turned violent:

The video, taken last Friday during a protest to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus located in Grant Park, shows a group of “protesters” suddenly break off from a larger, peaceful demonstration, and move under the cover of trees. Suddenly, dozens of black umbrellas open to shield the group from CCTV cameras.

CPD says the action was pre-planned, and that, while shielded from view by the umbrellas, the “protesters” changed from street clothes to all black and distributed items, including frozen water bottles and fireworks, which they then used to confront Chicago police officers guarding the Columbus statue. In the video, a man in a white shirt dumps out what appears to be bags of these makeshift weapons.

Forty-nine officers were injured in the ensuing confrontation.

READ: WATCH: Chicago Police Release Video Of ‘Antifa’ Using Protest As Cover, Changing To All Black, Arming Against Cops

Marxists and anarchists using umbrellas in Chicago protests on July 17, 2020. YouTube capture

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