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Who hijacked a peaceful ‘unity rally’ in New York?

Community activists had organized a peaceful “unity rally” in New York on Wednesday that included several police officers and clergy joining the march. However, several anarchists were laying in wait with bats and hijacked the peaceful rally injuring several police officers.

Now the Community activists who organized the rally want to find out who these anarchists are?

The Daily Wire explains:

Community activists who organized a “unity rally” in New York Wednesday that ended when anti-police protesters ambushed officers in a shocking, violent attack on the Brooklyn Bridge, say they’re concerned outside agitators planned to hijack the protest — and the New York Police Department is seeking information on a group that appears to have dropped off a box of baseball bats for disrupters to use. […]

Community activists want to know who decided to interrupt a “unity rally” between community members and police officials, and the NYPD wants to know who may have dropped off a cache of weapons for anti-cop demonstrators to use when they interrupted the march.

The NYPD also wants to find out who is behind the violence. Here is their tweet:

🚨WANTED🚨 for ASSAULT ON A POLICE OFFICER on the Brooklyn Bridge. #Manhattan @NYPD5pct on 7/15/20 @ 10:10 AM 💰Reward up to $2500👓Seen him? Know who he is?☎️Call 1-800-577-TIPS or DM us!📞Calls are CONFIDENTIAL!

— NYPD Crime Stoppers (@NYPDTips) July 16, 2020

READ: NYPD, Community Activists Investigating ‘Outside Agitators’ Who Delivered Bats To Unity March, Hijacked Peace Rally, Beat Up Cops

The New York Post tells how the bats arrived:

‘Surveillance video from outside City Hall appears to show protesters receiving a small shipment of bats before anti-cops activists clashed with officers on the Brooklyn Bridge Wednesday morning. The delivery was made by a car parked on the street near City Hall, with one man seen retrieving six bats from the trunk, according to the footage provided by sources.”

READ: Video shows protesters get shipment of bats before Brooklyn Bridge brawl

This is how the peaceful “unity rally” started out:

Of course, this is not the first time peaceful rallies and demonstrations have turned violent.

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