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Several churches vandalized over the past week

According to an article on Fox News, several churches across the US were attacked in the last week and authorities are wondering if this is related to the recent protests.

Fox News writes:

A slew of Catholic churches from Florida to California were burned and vandalized over the weekend as police continue to investigate whether or not they are connected to protests targeting symbols and statues.

Following George Floyd’s police-related death in May, Black Lives Matter leaders and protesters called for the toppling of statues, from Confederate symbols to former U.S. presidents and abolitionists. Activist Shaun King called for all images depicting Jesus as a “White European” and his mother to be torn down because they’re forms of “White supremacy” and “racist propaganda.”

The list included:

  •  A man drove his car into Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Florida during a morning service. He then got out of the car poured gasoline and set fire to the church while people were inside. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The man allegedly suffered from schizophrenia.
  • The 249-year-old San Gabriel church in Los Angeles, California also had a major fire. The church was undergoing renovation at the time, so it is uncertain if the fire was purposefully lit. However, in light of recent events, police have not ruled that out.
  • Calvary Baptist Church in San Diego was also set on fire over the weekend in a blaze that police consider suspicious.
  • Statues outside a Catholic Church in Boston and a Catholic Seminary in New York were also vandalized over the past week.

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Worship Leader Sean Feucht made this comment on Twitter:

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