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Report: Militant left-wing radicals behind Portland riots

A recent report suggests that a group of militant left-wing radicals are behind the violent protests in Portland, Oregon.

Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler tweeted how bad it is:

However, the violence and rioting has been going on for months, and many are blaming Wheeler for the escalation taking place in 2020.

News Week reports:

On numerous occasions, the mayor [Ted Wheeler] has publicly politicized the police department, and at times appeared to legitimize far-left protesters. In summer 2018, Wheeler allegedly prohibited Portland police from responding to a siege of the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement office by hundreds of protesters.

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Fox News reports on one of the groups behind the rioting taking place in 2020:

The Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front, a group comprised of anti-capitalist and anti-fascist teens, has been blamed for playing a major role in the weeks of unrest unfolding in Portland, a report Sunday said. […]

The paper reported that the group has anonymous leaders and considers itself anti-fascist and anti-capitalist. One of its goals is to upend the U.S. political system. The paper made clear that the group is not the only one behind organizing these rallies.

The group’s unverified Twitter account has over 21,000 followers and says it’s a “decentralized network of autonomous youth collectives dedicated to direct action towards liberation.”

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In its lengthy report on the violence, The Seattle Times states that some leaders of this left-wing group are still in high school and the group uses social media to provide “tactical advice” to the rioters.

The Seattle Times describes the group this way:

For the Youth Liberation Front’s anonymous leaders, these protests are part of the revolution. They are resolutely anti-capitalist and anti-fascist, and express disdain for those who work for reform within what they view as a failing political system. 

In a podcast interview last October, three of their leaders, one of whom identified himself as still in high school, said they were spurred to activism over a range of issues that included climate change, law enforcement misconduct and the rise of right-wing hate groups.

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The Seattle Times also provided one of the tweets of the Youth Liberation Front during the July 5th riots:

Be like water, keep moving.

If you see someone smashing windows, shut the (expletive) up.

Walk, don’t run. Hold the front and back lines.

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