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Are Grey Parrots smarter than Harvard students?

Well I am not sure if all African Grey Parrots are, but it seems that one named Griffin might be. Griffen went head to head in a memory test against 21 Harvard students and a group of 21 children aged six to eight years of age, and Griffen won.

For the record, thought a Grey Parrot’s brain is the “size of a shelled walnut”, it is packed with as many neurons as primates.

It was a simple test. Different coloured pom-poms were stuck under cups, the cups were moved around and everyone, including Griffen, had to pick out which cup had the pom-pom(s) under it, but there was a hitch.

The Harvard Gazette explains:

It worked like this: Tiny colored pom-poms were covered with cups and then shuffled, so participants had to track which object was under which cup. The experimenter then showed them a pom-pom that matched one of the same color hidden under one of the cups and asked them to point at the cup. (Griffin, of course, used his beak to point.) The participants were tested on tracking two, three, and four different-colored pom-poms. The position of the cups were swapped zero to four times for each of those combinations. Griffin and the students did 120 trials; the children did 36.

So how did Griffen fare?

Griffin outperformed the 6- to 8-year-olds across all levels on average, and he performed either as well as or slightly better than the 21 Harvard undergraduates on 12 of the 14 of trial types.

That’s not bad at all for a so-called bird brain.

Yeah, bird-brain won. READ: When a bird brain tops Harvard students on a test

I don’t believe this is related: READ: Watch–Kayleigh McEnany: Students Should Sue Harvard, MIT for Charging $50K for Online Courses

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