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Constantly Changing

This life we are living is changing almost daily. Change can be exciting but constant change is tough to digest. We need some constants in our lives to give us a sense of normalcy and security. 

Here is my list of constants that are still around.

  1. Taxes.  No surprise here. Especially now that many governments are generous with their programs.  The money comes from taxes. There are always at least two people with their hands in your pockets. A politician and a pastor. One wants money for this life and the other wants money for the next life. Either way, take comfort in the fact that you get to continue paying taxes. 
  2. Politics. This may be a bit more aggressive and violent than what some of us are used to, but political differences have been around a long time.  In some cultures, violence and politics go hand in hand. It seems people have never totally agreed on how to do things let alone what is important. And it doesn’t appear that politics will go away anytime soon 
  3. Life. Do you know children are still being born and people still die of all the things they died from before this virus? It is true. The media seems to think we all die of Covid19 but the reality is most people who do die, die of other things. Tragedies happen daily. The better news is that miracles happen daily as well.  Little wrinkly humans are born every single day and every single time all the women I know make that strange oohing sounds when they see them.
  4. Weather. The sun comes out every day and the moon comes out every night. You could set your clock by them. Sure, there are cloudy days and times in which we just can not see clearly but there are. It is kind of symbolic that during such times we have faith there are there. Sometimes we just know that we know. Some areas have hot dry spells and others are stuck in monsoon rains. There are still tornadoes, hurricanes, beautiful summer days, and pretty snow-covered winter mornings. If the weather ever went away, we’d have nothing to talk about.
  5. Time. You knew this time was coming. I keep getting older. I am not happy about this but it is a constant. With all the Covid19 changes there are still not enough hours in a day for those who are busy and there are still too many hours in a day for those who are isolated and alone.
  6. God. This is the greatest constant of all. Some of you don’t believe in God. You might think he doesn’t exist. Yet you believe the sun is still in the sky on a cloudy day or that on a stormy night the moon is still in the sky. You see there are many things we believe but can not truly see. For some, God is one of these things. Whether or not you believe God is there, he is. Where do you think the sun and the moon came from? All the scientific data about how the oceans work, how time marches on, what the weather is like, births and deaths, and even politics and taxes can be traced back to the Bible. And the one single source of the words in the Bible is God.

To be precise, the Word is Jesus and Jesus is God. It says this in the first chapter and first verse of John. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

I don’t have time to explain the trinity nature of God here nor do I have time to explain the truth of the gospels, but my point is that Jesus was before the earth was created, before taxes, before politics, before life, weather, and time. God always was and always will be. Psalm 90 verse 2 is just one place we read this. “Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.”

God is the constant among constants. Believe in him, even during these troubling times in which the clouds of fear and disruptions make it hard to see God. He is here and he loves you. In the beginning, in the now, and in the future. From everlasting to everlasting, God never changes (Hebrews 13:8).

God is the one true constant upon which we can rely.


Andy Becker is a retired counsellor and author of The Travelers, a fictionalized account of spiritual warfare (available on Amazon) as is, Stupid Thyroid, a book he co-wrote with his wife, Stella. Andy and his wife, Stella, lead Lighthouse Ministry in North Central Regina, one of Canada’s poorest and roughest areas. He is a retired counselor, speaker, and writer. Andy Becker is working on his second book about spiritual warfare. His first book, The Travelers, is available at and

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