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Are we starting to see a pattern: black vs white?

A recent Pew survey of the ethnicity of demonstrators, some of who turned into rioters, discovered that 46% are white compared to only 17% black.

And that pattern seems to be holding true for those screaming to have the police dismantled. Filmmaker Ariel Horowitz recently took to the streets of New York to find out what people thought of dismantling police. He talked to white people in the East Village and blacks in Harlem:

The Blaze reports on his East Village visit:

Horowitz began by visiting the East Village in New York City. 

All of the white demonstrators who spoke to Horowitz said that police should be abolished. 

One man insisted that police officers were flat-out “monsters.”

According to The Blaze, Horowitz’s visit to Harlem took a slightly different tone:

One man said that protesters demanding the abolition of police were “full of crap.”…

“I have family members that are police,” she said. “I respect the police. I would not want to see a lawless society.” 

One man — who was wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt — added that getting rid of police would be nothing short of suicide.

There are more comments and even Horowitz’s video (with a language warning) in The Blaze story. READ: White protesters lose it, demand police are abolished. Black Harlem residents disagree — and say cutting police would be ‘suicide.’

And continuing with this theme, Robert Johnson, who is black and the founder of BET, had this to say. READ: BET founder Robert Johnson says black people are laughing at white people tearing down statues to fight racism

The common denominator is that left wing extremists of all races are pushing for anarchy.

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