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Why a black man risked his life to rescue a white cop?

Even though he had previous run-ins with the police, Daylan McLee, 31, a black man, risked his life to save a white police officer trapped inside a burning cop car in Uniontown, PA.

McLee was at home when he heard a large crash outside his home. Two cars had collided at a nearby intersection. One of them was a police car operated by Jay Hanley who had now had a broken leg and was trapped inside his burning car that could potentially explode.

McLee took the initiative and with the help of another police officer ripped open the car door and pulled Hanley to safety.

A police spokesman said without McLee’s help there was real possibility Hanley would have died.

The Blaze explains why McLee did it:

“I know this man is my brother through Christ, and I couldn’t leave him behind,” McLee said. “There were people outside screaming. We felt it in the house. It was like a jolt.”…

“There is value in every human life,” he said. “We are all children of God, and I can’t imagine just watching anyone burn. No matter what other people have done to me, or other officers, I thought, ‘This guy deserves to make it home safely to his family.'”

And you should definitely read the rest of this article to find out more about McLee’s run in with the law. He was acquitted after being falsely accused of pointing a gun at a police officer.

READ: Black man with contentious cop history risks life to save officer from burning car: ‘This man is my brother through Christ’

Yet, despite this McLee was still willing to risk his own life.

And there is more to this story, ABC7NY writes:

But McLee stressed forgiveness, saying he couldn’t blame every police officer for bad interactions he had with any others.

“We need to work on our humanity… that’s the main problem of this world. We’re stuck on how to get up or to get even, and that is not how I was raised to be. You learn, you live, you move on and I was always taught to forgive big,” he said. “You can’t base every day of your life off of one interaction you have with one individual.”

READ: Pa. man wronged in past by police saves officer from burning car

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