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Why an Evangelical church was transformed into a bar

Certain regions in Argentina are gradually reopening as the Coronavirus pandemic winds down, but churches are being unfairly treated. While bars were allowed to reopen to 30% capacity in the province of Sante Fe, churches were limited to just ten people.

So, Daniel Cattaneo, who pastors Comunidad Redentor, an Evangelical church in San Lorenzo, Argentina transformed his church into a bar complete with tables, chairs and waiters.

Fox News reports:

Pastors dressed as waiters and carried Bibles on trays to bar tables set up inside the Comunidad Redentor (Redeemer Community) church in the city of San Lorenzo, protesting Gov. Omar Perotti’s ban on church gatherings of 10 people or more, La Capital reports.

“We are standing here today dressed like this, carrying a tray, because it seems this is the only way we can serve the word of God,” Daniel Cattaneo, senior pastor, said as he opened the “worship bar” last Wednesday.

Pastor Cattaneo started the service with:

“So, apart from the breaded veal headed for table four, here goes the word of God from the house of the Lord to all nations.”

A few photos of the bar service:

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