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Street preacher allegedly assaulted in CHAZ?

CHAZ, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, in Seattle has apparently grown from six city blocks to seven. It is allegedly, the police-free, Marxist version of utopia.

Gateway Pundit explains what happened when a street preacher dared to enter utopia:

A street preacher who entered the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone established by Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists in Seattle was attacked by Antifa thugs on Saturday who choked, sexually assaulted and pinned him to the ground. A Black Lives Matter activist intervened on behalf of the preacher.

READ: Antifa #CHAZ Thugs Attack, Choke and Sexually Assault Street Preacher in Seattle (Video)

How policing will work in utopia:

At least one person in utopia knew this was wrong and tried to help:

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