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Dr. Dan Erickson explains “herd immunity” and why we should end the lock down

In this podcast, Dr. Dan Erickson, who recently had a video with five million views censored by YouTube, explains what “herd immunity” is all about and why we should end the lock down.

Basically herd immunity happens when the majority come down with the coronavirus and develop an immunity and as a result the virus has no new people to infect and the pandemic ends.

But governments have taken a new approach, we are hiding people, so they don’t catch the virus. This is why many are now talking about a second wave, because there are thousands who have not come down the virus. In other words, this pandemic could go on for months or even years until they discover an effective vaccine which also could be months or even years away.

The other option is to not have a lock down and let everyone catch the virus remembering that 80% will have minimal to no symptoms. You need to protect those most vulnerable.

This will result in many catching it quickly, and of course there will be initial spikes, but then it will be over. The pandemic will not go on for months.

This is the route Sweden has taken. But even with more people being exposed to the virus, their numbers are running mid pack. There are many countries implementing lock downs with far worse stats, and Sweden did it without destroying its economy.

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