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“Until it’s safe, means never”

Watch this video.

The Coronavirus pandemic has redefined being human because being human involves taking on a certain amount of risk. But now some political elites are talking about only ending the lock down when it’s safe.

Every time, I pull out of my driveway, I am assuming risk because of car accidents. Every time, I enjoy a hamburger, I am taking a long term gamble on what it might do with my health. There is a risk to getting married, because it might end in a horrible divorce.

There is a risk to having children, because of what could happen. Several years ago, I ran into an old friend, and we sat down for coffee. We ended talking about our children and our concerns. I will never forget what he said:

“I will just be thankful, if they don’t go to jail.”

And that is why I love this video, because Dennis Prager says that we should avoid unnecessary risks, but there is a risk that comes with living. They have even created a meme: “Until it’s safe, means never.”

Prager University describes the video this way:

“The fear of pain may hold you back from a joyous life. And so Dennis’s advice of the week is: Don’t take unnecessary risks, but also do not let fear, safety, or mortality completely preoccupy you. ‘Playing it safe‘ leads to its own undesired consequences—and pain is a part of life. You can’t escape it!”

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