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Four signs of a police state

Thought it could never happen in the US or Canada, but in his article on the Daily Wire, Dennis Prager says the US is closer to a police state that many want to admit.

It appears that the coronavirus threat is exposing the totalitarian heart deep inside some democratically-elected leaders.

Here are the four signs:

  1. “Draconian laws depriving citizens of elementary civil rights.”
  2. “A mass media supportive of the state’s messaging and deprivation of rights.”
  3. “Use of police.”
  4. Use of “Snitches.”

READ: PRAGER: Our Dress Rehearsal For A Police State

And oh yeah, Canada is not exempt, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau waxes eloquently on why he admires the totalitarian, communist regime in China, that recently sentenced a journalist to prison for 15 years for criticizing the communist regime:

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