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Communist China in a race to produce first COVID-19 vaccine. Should we be concerned?

According to reports the Communist government of China is racing to be the first country to produce a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus, that many believe leaked out of one of the Communist regime’s Level-4 virology labs in Wuhan.

It stands to reason that first to create such a vaccine could make billions of dollars. But already those familiar with China’s quality controls are stating their concerns: READ: China’s Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine Could Produce an Unsafe Solution, Former Ambassador Warns

And should we be concerned? The following is a sample of problems with products manufactured in the communist regime to aid the fight of COVID-19:

British doctors report that some Communist China manufactured ventilators are actually killing people. The problems include unreliable oxygen supply and inability to clean them properly: READ: Some Chinese coronavirus ventilators ‘could kill patients’ if used in UK, doctors warn

Canada just reported that the 1,000,000 KN95 ventilators that the government bought from Communist China manufacturers are unfit for duty. READ: Canada: 1 million respirators acquired from China unfit for coronavirus fight

The Dutch recalled 600,000 face masks ordered from Communist Chinese manufactures after reports indicated they did not fit properly and had filters that did not work and Spain has quit using testing kits bought from China because of unreliability: READ: Coronavirus: Countries reject Chinese-made equipment

Austria reports that 500,000 masks ordered from manufacturers in China are defective: READ: Yet another country flags cache of defective Chinese-manufactured medical equipment

Czech Republic reports that 80% of the Coronavirus testing kits bought from Chinese manufacturers were defective. The government paid nearly $500,000 for the 100,000 testing kits: READ: Here’s A List Of Countries That Received Faulty Coronavirus Medical Supplies From China

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