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New York ER doctor says it’s time to end the lock down: His reason why will shock you

An ER doctor from New York, the state the hardest hit by COVID-19, is calling for an end to the lock down. Dr Daniel Murphy is chair of medicine emergency at St. Barnabas hospital in Bronx.

In an op-ed penned for the New York Post, Murphy said the worst of the pandemic is over. COVID-19 has peaked and the number of new cases of the virus is on the decline.

But here is what is interesting. Murphy said that the way the decline is happening suggests that it had nothing to do with the lock down, but rather it was due to the natural life-cycle of the virus.

Murphy wrote:

“The way this transpired tells me the ebb and flow had more to do with the natural course of the outbreak than it did with the lockdown.”

What is even more concerning is that he has noticed a 50% drop in non-COVID-19 related cases at the ER. Before COVID-19, their ER typically had 240 emergency visits on daily basis, that is now running at a 100.

This suggests that people with other potentially dangerous conditions are not seeking medical help because of the lockdown and fear associated with the Coronavirus.

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