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Good news in Australia as new COVID-19 infections fall

The Daily Mail is reporting that Australians are calling for country’s lockdown to be lifted, because over the weekend four territorial capitals did not report a single new case of COVID-19.

This included the city of ACT with a population of 400,000 that hasn’t had a single new case for six days in a row.

There has been a dramatic decline in new cases of COVID-19 in Australia as demonstrated in the chart below provided by Peter Collignon, a professor at Australian National University’s medical school. The light blue graph shows the rapid decline in reported new cases. The dark blue line reveals the cumulative cases is also starting to flatten out.

Infectious diseases expert Professor Peter Collignon tweeted this graph on Sunday morning saying the peak had been reached but restrictions would need to stay

But despite this, some are demanding the lockdown become more restrictive and even extended since it is working so well.

However, in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Professor Peter Collignon said the restrictions need to be reduced warning:

‘Not only will this cause unwarranted and increased social, mental and economic harm, we run the bigger risk that substantial parts of our society in a few months’ time (our winter) might increasingly rebel against many restrictions.” — Peter Collignon, Sydney Morning Herald

READ: Australia records ZERO coronavirus cases in four capital cities over the entire weekend – sparking calls for lockdowns to be eased

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