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Is Holland’s death rate for COVID-19 about to get slashed?

As of Thursday (April 16, 2020), the Netherlands reported 29,383 people who tested positive for COVID-19, and of this group 3,327 had died, putting the country’s death rate at 11.3%.

Without question that is a scary percentage, but is it right?

But we need to remember one thing, this percentage is based on the number of people who caught the virus and were sick enough to require medical attention and testing.

It is estimated nearly 80% of people who come down with COVID-19 show minimal or no symptoms. By minimal, I mean it can often be confused with other afflictions like allergies. Typically these people are not sick enough to go to the doctor and are never tested.

But a recent study of people donating blood in Holland showed that 3% of them have the virus antibodies. This means they had COVID-19 and recovered. If that holds true for the full population, then over 518,000 people have actually had the virus.

So instead of a death rate of 11.3%, the actual death rate for the Netherlands is only .6%.

READ: Dutch Study: Hundreds Of Thousands May Have Virus. Fatality Rate Could Be Astronomically Lower.

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