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What is the strongest thought you have about yourself?

What is the strongest thought that you have of yourself and what thoughts are rolling around in the back of your mind supporting it?

Over the past years the strongest thoughts and opinions that I had of myself was that I couldn’t do anything and I had all sorts of excuses:

  • There was the comparison trap. Susie was better at this than me. In fact, almost everyone was more capable and gifted than me and comparing myself to them just made things worse.
  • I don’t have everything together in my life right now to tackle this. I thought I needed to be perfect, before I could accomplish anything.
  • There has been too much struggle and rejection. If others don’t think I have what it takes, then who am I to think I can.
  • I keep trying, but people keep getting in my way. I can’t do this anymore. 

In my mind I was never enough or up for the challenge. Comparing myself to others and being directed by other’s rejection is what defined me.   

Everything was filtered through the lens of not measuring up to whom I thought I should be and worse I never thought I could be. In my mind, I was a hopeless cause and as a result, lethargy, depression and even physical issues began to trouble me.

What we think about ourselves affects our body language. If we think we are weak in comparison to others, our body takes that thought and manifests itself in our lifestyle. The way we walk, act, and talk will be the result of what we think and believe about ourselves.

Over the past few years, the one thing that brought me out of this darkness was changing the way I thought about myself through affirmations and bold statements that declared I was more than capable.

You can turn yourself around by declaring empowering statements that over time change the way you think about yourself and change the perception others have of you as well.

And where does it all really begin?

What gives us the assurance we need to step into this journey of affirming ourselves.

It starts by believing what God thinks of you. The Bible says;

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

Psalm 139:14 (NIV)

This is what the Bible says about you. You are wonderfully made. Don’t take my word for it, take God’s word for it.

Can you praise and thank God for the way He created you? Does your soul know you are wonderfully made? Are you happy in this knowledge? Do you allow this truth to direct your life each and every day?

It also starts with understanding the work of the cross and Christ’s sacrifice that takes away our guilt, shame and self- loathing.  The blood of Jesus makes us whole and complete.

“So you are also complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority.”

Col. 2:10 (NLT)

And as Christ made us acceptable, complete and whole before God, then we must embrace this truth.  

If God says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, then we can not allow people’s opinions to define and direct the course of our lives.

We are acceptable. We are complete because we no longer have to prove our value to God and this is all that really matters. 

So with that as our foundation, we begin the journey of changing the way you think about yourself. You need to bring your thoughts about yourself in line with how God thinks about you.

Anyone can tell me that I am enough but because I know the source of my ‘enoughness’ and the proof of my worthiness, I can now step into my journey to completeness. I can pull down the wrong thinking and change my thoughts to line up with the truth and perceptions God has of me.

Over time as you continue to affirm God’s view of you, you will actually start to feel that you are loved, accepted, enough and complete.  Your posture will change. The way you walk will change. The way you communicate will change. Confidence will override your negative thoughts. 

Take the challenge and step into this new journey of changing your mind and thoughts, so they line up with God’s thoughts about you.

Without doubt, guilt or shame you can now affirm who you are in Christ.

I am complete. I am loved. I am grateful. I am strong. I am healthy and whole. I am kind to myself. I am worthy and deserving of good things. I am truly beautiful. I believe in myself. I am fun. I am adventurous. I am courageous. I am good at what I do. I am always learning. I am successful, I am honest, I am wealthy. I am free.

And everybody said Amen!


  1. Great article. I love the affirmations! And yes, you are right in saying “I am enough”. Too often I have thought that I am not enough even for the Lord Jesus. But that is a lie. He has chosen me. I am enough. Thank You Lord!


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