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NEOM: What is happening in the Middle East now?

Riyadh City, Saudia Arabia. Credit: B.alotaby/Wikipedia

Riyadh City, Saudia Arabia. Credit: B.alotaby/Wikipedia

Could you find the city of Neom on a map? It hasn’t been built yet, but it is a serious proposal. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a proposal to build a new super city in a remote place near the Red Sea.

The cost is estimated at 400 billion and if it is built, it should be like a combination of Las Vegas and Hong Kong, in the Middle East. The proposal includes a bridge to Egypt and links to Jordan; and this is never mentioned in the literature, but it will be very close to Israel.

If you could stand on a boat at the north end of the Gulf of Aqaba, at the northern tip of the Red Sea, you could turn your head and see four countries; Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. All four countries converge at that location.

Saudi Arabia has huge oil deposits about two thousand kilometres from Neom, on the eastern side of the country. It also controls the Muslim holy city of Mecca, about a thousand kilometres south. Neom is the empty corner.

The concept is a city without the religious restrictions and the potential for strife found in other parts of the country. Saudi Arabia is famous for its rigid Islamic religion, and some neighboring countries, on the south and east are hostile, which pretty much kills any tourist industry. Neom would be peaceful and secular.

The Egyptians have developed a huge tourist industry on their side of the border, next to Neom, and Europeans fly there by the thousands.

Neom is an interesting concept, and it could be world-changing. Imagine mega outlet malls, resort hotels, sandy beaches, coral reefs, and perfect weather. This could work.

Now back to Israel. The Saudis are astute traders, and they would never invest 400 billion next to hostile neighbors, where the investment could be lost in a war. There must be an understanding with all three neighbors, Egypt, Jordan, and the Jews of Israel.

When I was a boy I remember a speaker in a church who talked about Bible prophecy; things that will happen in the future. He said something that didn’t make sense at the time, but he insisted. At the end of this age in history, Israel will be attacked by nations far away. Huge armies will assemble in a valley in northern Israel called “Megiddo” or “Hor [valley] Megiddo” or “Armageddon” in English. That is where God will intervene and destroy them.

The speaker told us that the Arab neighbors are not mentioned among the hostile armies, and he thought they would stop trying to destroy Israel. I couldn’t see that, at the time.

“Gog in the land of Magog. He is the most important leader of the nations of Meshech and Tubal.” (Ezekiel 38: verse 2) and “Soldiers from Persia, Ethiopia, and Put will be with them.” (verse 5) and

In the later years you will come into the land that has been healed from war. The people in that land were gathered from many nations and brought back to the mountains of Israel. In the past, the mountains of Israel had been destroyed again and again. But these people will have come back from those other nations. They all will have lived in safety. But you will come to attack them. You will come like a storm. You will come like a thundercloud covering the land. You and all your groups of soldiers from many nations will come to attack them. (Ezekiel 38: 8 and 9)

The speaker also showed us the Bible predictions that the people of Israel would escape. That also made no sense; escaping into rugged desert country populated by hostile neighbors would be certain death. Millions of people could not do that. The speaker was certain, the Arab neighbors would stop fighting with Israel and they would build dormitory cities that the refugees could use. This will be God’s provision for the Jews of Israel, in preparation for the end.

And -blink- it just happened, or at least what the speaker predicted is proposed, and it was impossible a few weeks ago.

I don’t remember that man’s name, but what he predicted seems to be happening. He wanted us to know that God cares for us and keeps all His promises. I am not sure that Neom will be the great place of refuge, but it is the opposite of what we had a few weeks ago, and it shows a trend. The Bible predicted that trend thousands of years ago.

I think we all know that the world is moving to a breaking point, and the issues are becoming extreme. Choose your poison; global warming, nuclear winter, World War three, and whatever I forgot to mention. The whole world expects something global and dangerous. I believe our problems will grow until only God can fix them; and He will do that.

The people in Judea at that time should run away to the mountains. They should run away without wasting time to stop for anything. If they are on the roof of their house, they must not go down to get anything out of the house. If they are in the field, they must not go back to get a coat. During that time, it will be hard for women who are pregnant or have small babies! Pray that it will not be winter or a Sabbath day when these things happen and you have to run away. (Matthew 24: 16 to 20)

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