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Are You living in the present?

Credit: arbyreed/Flickr/Creative Commons

Credit: arbyreed/Flickr/Creative Commons

“Don’t worry about tomorrow sufficient for the day is the evil [trouble thereof]. (Matthew 6:34)

It has become clear the root of my worry stems from trying to plan for what may or may not happen the next day or even the weekend. Every angle is covered.

With my worry I try to control the next day and the day after that.

Elliot’s Commentary has an interesting spin on this verse, when he interprets “don’t worry about tomorrow” as “make most of the present.”

Staying rooted and grounded firmly in the present day and moment will change your life. It allows us to get the most out of today.

I remember one author stating that it is important to stay in the present for ourselves. I immediately discarded the thought. It would be so selfish.

But after prayerful consideration, I changed my mind.

When I am in the present for myself, I am able to discern the voice of God in my life. I am a much better person to live with and able to give of myself easily to those I spend time with.

There is clarity, peace and attentiveness.

Charles Kingsley, an 18th century English preacher, in his sermon The Distracted Mind was referring to Mathew 6:34 when he said:

“Be ye not distracted about tomorrow. Be not divided in your thoughts. Do not distract your attention from today’s work by fearing and hoping about tomorrow.”

When we are not in the present and giving our full attention to the duties of the day we end up carrying the burden and cares of two days instead of one. No wonder we are so worn out at the end of the day — we have worked 48 hours instead of 24.

When we have one foot in the present and the other in the future (next day), we become distracted, torn and divided in our thinking.

Another old commentator from the 17th century wrote:

“And be ye not of double mind. Do not be up in the air – blown helpless hither and thither, by every gust of wind instead keeping on the firm ground, and walking straight on about your business, slowly and partially step after step. Each day he will set about the duty which lies nearest him, with a whole heart and with a single eye, giving himself to it for the time as if there was nothing else to be done in the whole world.” (John Gill’s Commentary)

Let us not lose our footing nor allow ourselves to be blown about by our thoughts, worries and fears into the next day or weekend.

Learning to control our thoughts and keeping them focused on the present helps us get the most out of our day.

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