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Biopsy Cancelled

Becky Klein (Left) and her husband on one of their meany biking trips.

Becky Klein (Left) and her husband Ron on one of their many biking trips.

[by Becky Klein] This past year God implanted in my mind and heart His faithfulness to the generations. I come from a godly heritage and a set of parents who placed their lives and the lives of their children in the Lord’s hands daily.

I was keenly aware of their prayers over us with the expectation that God’s hand would extend to their children and even grandchildren. My parents experienced many supernatural healings.

In May of 2014, I had a routine physical including a chest x-ray.

A few days later I received a call to return to the doctor’s office.  The x-ray showed a black spot on my right lung.

The next weeks were filled with appointments.  A visit to the specialist, CT scan and a biopsy were scheduled for the first week of July.

I shared my situation with several close friends whom I knew would help me stay strong, pray and support me through this trial.

I was a teacher at a Christian School and for the school’s awards night one of the songs I chose was from a portion of scripture in 1 Corinthian 16:13 ; “be alert, stand strong in your faith, be courageous”.

During the choir practices I was greatly encouraged and uplifted as the students sang this song over me while I conducted.

I continued to confess the truth of God’s word for my healing.

One  time, I experienced a collapsed feeling in my chest.  It felt like an elephant was sitting on me.  Another  time I was certain that I was having a heart attack. My physician reassured me that it was not a heart attack or a collapsed lung.  It was only fear and anxiety!

I needed God to permeate me with His peace.

It was a beautiful morning the day of my biopsy test, so I decided to make the 10 minute walk to the hospital. I needed to soak in as much peace as I could before the mayhem of the day began.

When I arrived there were others preparing for their biopsies.  A strong, athletic young man was asking questions about his liver biopsy.  The woman beside me was preparing for her kidney and liver biopsy and another woman was waiting for chemotherapy.

It was scary sitting listening to their questions as I was in the same boat as them.  Finally, I was taken to the CT scan in preparation for my biopsy. They took one scan and then a few minutes later they took another one.

Shortly after, the radiologist and two nurses came bursting through the doors.

Clearly they were celebrating something.

“I have great news,” the radiologist shouted, “there is no black spot!”

One  nurse said, “you should go buy a lottery ticket!”

The radiologist calmed the cheering and stated, “there is nothing on the scan.  It is clear, there is no evidence of cancer.”

I was stunned and asked him to repeat what he had just told me.  I said to the nurse, “no lottery ticket required, a miracle has taken place and it was God who performed it.”

She agreed with me.

The nurses expressed their joy for me.  They told me they didn’t get much good news on their unit. I was so humbled that God had spared me so much — the ordeal of the biopsy, waiting for the results and cancer treatment.

I am thankful that God preserved my life as a testimony to my own children and this generation. As I walked through this event in my life this past year, I was reminded of God’s faithfulness, not just to me but also to my parents, honoring all the prayers they had made on behalf of their children.

“Your faithfulness continues throughout all generations” – Psalm 119:90


Becky Klein is a retired teacher. She and her husband enjoy traveling Canada and the US on their bikes.

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