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How much of your tax dollars goes to fund Planned Parenthood?

With a release of a second video showing an executive with Planned Parenthood (PP) haggling over the price of body parts harvested during abortions, many are wondering what really goes on behind the closed doors of the abortion giant.

This was the second undercover video released by Center for Medical Progress (CMP) alleging PP is harvesting and selling baby organs. In the most recent video, Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Mary Gatter eventually settles on a price of $100 for complete organs.

During the negotiations, Gatter jokes, “I want a Lamborghini.”

She even adds, similar to the first video, that PP will adjust the abortion procedure so not to crush the organs.

Since the sale of body parts is illegal under federal law, Gatter insists that the price just covers its costs. She says in the tape:

“We don’t want to be in a position of being accused of selling tissue and stuff like that. On the other hand, there are costs associated with the use of our space, and all that kind of stuff.”

But some wonder how there can be any room for negotiations if this is the case?

According to its website, Planned Parenthood also charges upwards of $1,500 for an abortion in the first trimester (0 to 13 weeks.)

These are not the only sources of income for Planned Parenthood as it also receive taxpayer handouts.

According to Fox News, over the past 10 years the abortion giant has received nearly $4.3 billion in taxpayer funding from state and federal governments. This works out to nearly half a billion dollars a year.

Fox News further estimates that a person earning between $50,000 to $100,000 pays $15.11 annually to Planned Parenthood. A person earning $250,000 annually pays an estimated $420.

Fox News even provided a tax calculator so you can figure out how much you are contributing.

Because of the growing outrage, by even those who support abortion, a number of state and federal politicians say they will push to stop taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.

Having released these two videos, CMP told Fox News that it has thousands of hours of tape from its undercover sting operations and will be releasing more footage over the next few weeks.




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