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Stepping off on the 13th floor at a Bob Zombie concert

[by Dean Smith] Ten years ago, Caleb Bislow was watching TV at his then home in Denver, Colorado when God spoke to him. It wasn’t through a TV program, but a commercial advertizing that rocker Bob Zombie would be having a concert at Red Rock Stadium. Caleb sensed the Holy Spirit telling him to attend that concert.

Bob Zombie, whose real name is Robert Cummings, is a grunge rocker, with a Gothic, vampire edge.  He was a founding member of the group called the White Zombies popular in the 1990s. Bob Zombie left the group in 1999 and went out on his own producing such albums as Hellbilly. He has since moved into films releasing titles with names of House of a Thousand corpses and Devil Rejects. It gives you some idea what Bob Zombie concerts are all about.

After praying, Caleb believed he was still supposed to attend. He was a bit confused  as to why, but was able to convince two friends to join him. However, they weren’t interested in paying for the tickets, so Caleb forked over $153 for three tickets to a concert he didn’t even want to go to.

At this point, all he could tell his friends is that he believed God wanted them there.

Caleb has built his ministry, called Unusual Soldiers, around a strategy he calls the 13th floor. He says there are hotels that avoid having a 13th floor — the elevator has a button for 12 and then the 14th floor. Similar to the thirteenth floor, Caleb reaches out to people and goes to places that Christians have traditionally avoided. He has written a book about his ministry called: Dangerous: Engaging the People and Places No One Else Will.

Attending a Bob Zombie concert fit that vision, but why?

God gave Caleb the last piece to the puzzle at a prayer meeting at his ministry the morning of the concert. Before actually praying, the group has what they call “listening prayer.” It is a pre-prayer meeting where they try to find out what the Holy Spirit wants them to pray about during the main session.

During this time, God nudged Caleb to pray for a weeping girl who would be attending the concert. She would be sitting in the upper left-hand balcony.  At first, Caleb thought he would just pray that in his mind. He was embarrassed to pray it out loud, fearing what would happen if it didn’t turn out to be true.

After wrestling with this, he finally blurted out a prayer in the main session.

That evening, when Caleb and his two friends showed up for the concert it was everything that it was billed.

Loud. Wild. And complete with a marijuana haze,

One of his friends, Terrance, had never done anything like this before and was clearly nervous. Half-jokingly, he asked, “Do you think we are going to die tonight.”

Caleb assured him everything would be fine and encouraged his friends to look for a crying girl.

When the three couldn’t find anyone fitting the description, they eventually split up.

After this initial failure, Caleb decided to resort to Plan B. Bob Zombie would not be coming out for few minutes, so Caleb thought he would reach out to the rocker in his dressing room. But security stopped him.

When the concert started Caleb then made his way to the front row thinking something would happen there. He had  a knapsack on which he put a sign that read “I can preach.” He thought maybe Bob Zombie would see it and drag him on to the stage. Even if it was just to make fun of Caleb, he thought it would be an opportunity. But security saw him and sent Caleb back to his seat.

Meanwhile his friend “timid” Terrance had worked his way up to the left-hand corner balcony. He really wasn’t sure why he was there so he started praying for people at the concert. That is when he heard someone sniffling behind him.

Turning, Terrance saw a girl crying. He instantly panicked — “Where is Caleb?”

With Caleb no where in sight to rescue him, Terrance hesitantly got out of his seat and sat down beside her. He asked the young woman if she was alright. At first, the girl thought Terrance was hitting on her. But he insisted that wasn’t the case and was just concerned.

The girl finally confessed she was pregnant.

Terrance awkwardly blurted out “congratulations.” That only made things worse as the girl was crying because she was wanting to abort the baby.

Terrance told her there was another option. Instead of killing the baby, she could give her child up for adoption. The message delivered, it was done.

Caleb says they never heard from her again. They have no idea what happened.

But Caleb believes because of the unusual circumstance leading up to this event, that somewhere in America there is a ten-year old child alive today because of Terrance.

But even if that isn’t the case, in the end Christians are sometimes just called to deliver a message to the 13th floor.

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