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Sexually explicit statue of Satan set up in Vancouver, BC

This 8' statue of Satan was briefly installed in a Vancouver Park: Image Murray Castonguay/Twitter

This 8′ statue of Satan was briefly installed in a Vancouver Park: Image Murray Castonguay/Twitter

On Tuesday, September 9, 2014, commuters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada were stunned to see a giant statue of Satan on display in Vancouver’s Guelph Park. The park borders a major TransLink boarding area and those riding the sky train had a clear view.

The red statute, estimated at 8′ tall, was placed on a pedestal that originally held a statue of Christopher Columbus. The pedestal was empty as the city had moved the Columbus statue to a new location.

What was equally disturbing about the statute is the strong sexual inference, as it displayed Satan with a full erection. The statue also has one hand displayed in what some consider a Satanic gesture.

City crews removed the statue later that same day. The City stated it had not commissioned its creation.

Though most were disgusted by the tacky and obscene display, others have shown an interest in the statue. Some have inquired about purchasing it should its creators fail to claim the statue now being held in storage by the city.

Three petitions have also been started in support of the statue. Two are asking for it to be put back up and a third is asking for the statue to be donated to another organization which will display the statue in a private area.

One of the petitions asking for the satanic statue to be reinstalled in the park reads:

“By removing the statue of Penis Satan you are taking from us our freedom of expression, restricting our sexuality and stigmatizing our religious beliefs.”

Along a similar vein, a Satanist group is taking the State of Oklahoma to court for not allowing its statue of Satan sitting on a throne to be set up on legislature grounds. That 7′ statue also includes children.


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