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Harvard University allows satanic mass on campus

It is hard to believe Harvard University was started by Christians. Photo Wikipedia/Chensiyuan

It is hard to believe Harvard University was started by Christians. Photo Wikipedia/Chensiyuan

UPDATED May 13, 2014: Various media are reporting the Satanic Mass originally scheduled to be held at Harvard University on Monday, May 12, 2014 was moved off campus to a nearby restaurant. The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club sent out an email around 5 pm Monday, stating the event was moving off campus. A later email from the club stated they were not able to find a facility off campus for the ‘black mass’ and that the Harvard club was no longer involved in hosting the event. According to reports, those involved in the ‘black mass’ apparently went to a nearby restaurant and had their own meeting.


Harvard University will be allowing a group to conduct a Satanic black mass on its campus on Monday, May 12, 2014

A student group on campus, the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club,  invited the Satanic Temple of New York City to conduct the mass.  It will take place at 8:30 PM at the popular Queen’s Head Pub in the University’s memorial hall.

The student’s group even handed out flyers advertising the mass, but limited attendance to 100 people.

It is proving controversial as during a black mass, Satanists often mock the Bible and the Roman Catholic mass including desecrating consecrated bread used during the Roman Catholic church’s communion service.

In a statement, Harvard Extension School (HES) said it did not agree with the student’s decision to conduct the mass. It added the mass would not include “consecrated bread” though stated bread will be used in the mass. In its statement, HES said:

“While a piece of bread is used in the reenactment, the performance unequivocally does not include consecrated host.”

However, when Fox 25 reporter, Jarrod Holdbrook, asked a spokesperson with the Temple of Satan if they would  be mocking other religions in the ‘black mass,” a Temple spokesperson said:

“Well that’s more of a creation of the religions that decry it themselves.”

The Harvard club says it considers the ‘black mass’ a cultural and educational event.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the Roman Catholic church of Boston responded to the mass stating:

The Catholic community in the Archdiocese of Boston expresses its deep sadness and strong opposition to the plan to stage a “black mass” on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge.

For the good of the Catholic faithful and all people, the Church provides clear teaching concerning Satanic worship. This activity separates people from God and the human community, it is contrary to charity and goodness, and it places participants dangerously close to destructive works of evil.

In a recent statement, Pope Francis warned of the danger of being naïve about or underestimating the power of Satan, whose evil is too often tragically present in our midst. We call upon all believers and people of good will to join us in prayer for those who are involved in this event, that they may come to appreciate the gravity of their actions, and in asking Harvard to disassociate itself from this activity.

The Boston Diocese plans to conduct a mass at the same time as the “black mass” to counter its effects.

Statue of Satan on Oklahoma Capitol grounds

Unfinished statue of Baphonet being constructed by Temple of Satan: Photo WND/Temple of Satan

Unfinished statue of Baphonet being constructed by Temple of Satan: Photo WND/Temple of Satan

The Satanic Temple is also constructing a statue of Satan that it wants installed on the Oklahoma state capitol grounds. The yet unfinished seven-foot bronze statue features Baphomet or satan sitting on a throne. The statue is expected to cost the group $20,000 to build.

In its news release, the Temple of Satan said:

‘The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.’

The group has officially applied to the State capitol to have the statue put on the grounds.

During the 14th century inquisitions, Baphomet came to prominence as one of the pagan idols that the Knights Templar were accused of worshiping.  It was thought to have occult overtones.

Most historian do not believe the Knights Templar were involved in pagan worship and the accusations were used to attack the group by those threatened by the Templar’s power and wealth.

Today, Baphomet is portrayed as a goat-like figure called the “Sabbatic Goat” developed from images created during the 18th century. It is a symbol often used by the church of Satan.

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