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Study of identical twins shows homosexuality is not genetic

For the past several years, some have claimed same-sex leanings are genetic. This means people have no control over their desires and can’t change. However there has been one major problem with this theory namely identical twins. Identical twins have the same genetic make up, so if one twin was gay the other should automatically be gay as well, if it is based on genes. However, this is not the case and it was confirmed again in a recent study conducted by the University of California (UCLA). In this study, researchers looked at the the genetic make up of 27 identical twins where at least one twin was gay and ten sets where both were gay. The researchers concluded that environment, not genetics, determined if a person was gay or not. While we have our basic genes that determine our make up, there is another molecular layer of information called “epigenetics” that influences how we live. This layer has the ability to affect our genes. It is described as “molecular switches” that they believe turn …

New York Times columnist says Evangelicals should be forced to change their views on homosexuality

New York Times Columnist Frank Bruni recently wrote an article stating Christian churches (including Evangelical and Roman Catholic) need to change their views and start embracing gays. He even suggests Christians should be forced to change their opinion on homosexuality. The article was sparked over failed efforts by Indiana to bring in religious freedom laws in that state. In his April 3, 2015 article entitled, Bigotry, the Bible and Lessons from Indiana, Bruni referred to a number of Church denominations that have already changed their minds on homosexuality and are performing same-sex marriages. He referred to them as “prominent denominations” but they are prominent in name only.  What Bruni failed to mention is since these churches changed their views, their membership numbers have plummeted.

English judge fines man for citing the wrong chapter in the Bible

An English judge has penalized Michael Overd $2,100 for citing certain portions of the Bible in public. This included a $300 fine and paying $1,800 in compensation for causing “emotional pain.” Last summer, Overd, a former British paratrooper, was street preaching in Taunton in the county of Somerset, England with a loudspeaker when spoke of Leviticus 20. The chapter speaks of the death penalty for homosexuality (verse 13). Though he referenced the chapter, Overd, who has been a street preacher for five years, claims he never spoke about the death penalty.

How God loved and chased down an atheist lesbian university professor

[by Dean Smith] If there was anyone I would have written off as an impossible case for conversion, it was Dr Rosaria Champagne Butterfield. She was a left-winger, lesbian, atheist and an English professor at Syracuse University. In my world, three strikes and you are out. But thankfully, a reformed Syracuse Presbyterian pastor and his wife, Ken and Floy Smith, had more faith than I did. In her testimonial, “My Train Wreck Conversion,” on Christianity Today, Rosaria tells how God chased her down. One of my favorite lines from her article is: “As a leftist lesbian professor, I despised Christians. Then somehow I became one.”

A ‘Divine wind’ or slippery slope?

[by Dean Smith] Stan Mitchell, 46, says he is being moved along by a Divine wind, others suspect the movement is coming from his proverbial slide down a slippery slope. Mitchell is pastor of GracePointe Church in Franklin, Tennessee and though he considers himself an Evangelical others question that claim. The church recently announced that homosexuals and others “living in sin” will now be able to serve in leadership positions in the church. He added the church will also marry homosexual couples.

Houston Mayor withdraws subpoena of five city pastors

[by Dean Smith] Houston Mayor Annise Parker said today she has told the City’s Attorney David Feldman to withdraw Houston’s subpoena of the speeches, emails, notes and texts of five city pastors related to homosexuality, gender identity and Houston Mayor Annise Parker — the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. The subpoena shocked people across America as it violated the pastors’ First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Religion. Many believed the city was trying to intimidate those who opposed a bill the city passed this past May that allowed men and women to use washroom facilities and showers of the opposite sex. If a biological male identified himself as female, he would under the law be allowed to use female facilities.

Did A&E fire Phil Robertson from ‘Duck Dynasty’ over his Christian beliefs?

A&E just fired Phil Robertson because he expressed his opinions on homosexuality. They called it an indefinite hiatus, but I think everyone understands what they really meant. Phil Robertson is the senior patriarch of A&E’s popular ‘Duck Dynasty’ reality show. The program is the most watched reality show in the U.S. ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ recent Christmas program had 9 million viewers. The show is based around Duck Commander, a duck call manufacturer started by Phil and now run by the Robertson family. The Robertson clan are a strong, Christian family with a redneck edge.